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Rental Property

Poor maintenance of property

Rental properties in Fargo are periodically inspected to ensure compliance with fire and building maintenance code requirements.  If you have a concern about the condition of a rental property, contact the Fargo Housing Inspections staff at or 701-476-6708.

Overcrowded Housing

The city prohibits more than three unrelated people from living together in one housing unit unless they have a permit that allows group living. The purpose of this ordinance is to preserve the stability of residential neighborhoods by minimizing the negative effects of overcrowded rental housing (ex. parking congestion, noise).

The rule is important but it is difficult to enforce. To prove this violation,  the city must prove that a person “lives” at a specific address. As a practical matter, effective enforcement of this violation requires a partnership between the city and the people who live in the neighborhood. To file a complaint about overcrowded rental housing, contact the Fargo Rental Housing staff at or 701-476-6708.

Other complaints that might be associated with a problem property, like parking and vehicle-related problems, a noisy party, or neglected yards are addressed on separate pages.