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Problem Reporting

The following list is a quick reference for where to call to report common neighborhood problems: 

Neighborhood problem reporting phone numbers
Problem Department Phone Number
Pot Holes Street Dept. 241-1453
Signal Light Out Sign and Signal Dept. 241-1440
Street Light Out Traffic Engineering Dept.  241-1545
Water Main Break Water Dept. 241-1468 or 241-1469 after 4 pm
Stray Pets Police 451-7660
Loud Parties Police 451-7660
Suspected Drug Activity Police (Narcotics Division) 241-1415
Other Suspicious Activity Police 451-7660
Speeding Police 451-7660
Parking & Junk Vehicles (on street) Police 451-7660
Parking & Junk Vehicles
(private property)
Inspections Dept. 241-1561
Rental Housing Concerns Inspections Dept. 241-1561
Garbage Solid Waste Dept. 241-1449
Grass and Weeds Health Dept. 476-6729
Boulevard Trees Forestry Dept. 241-1465
Mosquitoes Cass County Vector Control 298-2382