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Register Your Neighborhood Organization

A neighborhood organization is any group that is:

  • Bringing people together,
  • Defined by a geographic boundary, and
  • Concerned about issues that affect the neighborhood/area.

If your group meets the above criteria, please complete and submit the form below to add your name to the new Directory of Fargo Neighborhood Organizations.

Provide the following information for the person who will servce as the primary contact for your group.

Mailing address
Address (cont.)
Zip code
Work Phone
Home Phone

This organization can best be described as a (see "How to Register" for descriptions):

Neighborhood Association
Special Interest Neighborhood Group
Homeowners Association
Block Club or Community Watch Group

Enter the date of your group was organized:

Approximately how many members do you have?

About how often does your group meet:

Approximately once a month
At least quarterly
At least once a year
Currently inactive