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Electrical Self-Wire Permits

Note: You may only do wiring yourself if you own and live in your single-family home.  This does not include any rental property, homes used for day care or other home businesses, or mobile homes.  The wiring must be done by the homeowner who occupies the home.  All other electrical work must be done by a licensed contractor.

Before you begin work, fill out the "Application for Electrical Inspection and Affidavit" available from the Inspections Department at City Hall or on-line as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. Please provide both a work and home phone number so that we can reach you if necessary.

The inspector will determine the value of the work done when he arrives for the rough-in inspection. At that time, the cost of your permit will be determined. Checks for the permit fee should be made out to State Electrical Board.

Draw a schematic of your project to supply to our office. Please indicate circuitry, wire size, overcurrent protection, etc.

There is a booklet detailing some of the electrical code requirements that you may dowload as an Adobe .pdf.  You may also stop by our office or request that we mail you a copy .  Be sure to follow the handout! Failure to do so may cause your inspection to fail.

If an electrical contractor is doing the work, he/she should obtain the permit from our office. Be sure to ask your contractor if this has been done.

Electrical Inspection Requirements

You should call the residential electrical inspector at 476-6626 to arrange for an electrical inspection at the following times:

  • Call for a "rough-in" inspection after all of the wires are pulled and strapped and the device boxes are mounted but before insulation and sheetrock are installed.
  • Call for a final inspection after the job is completed. At this time, we will issue your copy of the wiring permit/certificate.