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Rental Housing Inspections Program

The City of Fargo inspects residential rental properties for compliance with a basic maintenance code, currently the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code. This inspection program is intended to safeguard the health and safety of tenants in the nearly 23,000 rental units in Fargo. New buildings are scheduled for their first rental inspection 15 years after their construction. Other units are inspected anywhere from each year to every five years or even longer, depending on the circumstances.

There are three inspectors who concentrate their efforts on this program. One of the inspectors is also a member of CETF, the Codes Enforcement Task Force, which is an interdepartmental effort to tackle properties which have issues that several different departments would address.

If you receive a letter from the Housing Inspections Division, please call 701-476-6708 to schedule an inspection or get answers to your questions. There is no charge for an inspection, although there is a fee schedule in place should the inspectors have to return more than twice to verify that any required work has been completed. 

In order to avoid these fees, take a look at our list of commonly found code violations, available as a Mircosoft Word document or an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. Correcting any issues listed there before your appointment should help make your inspections go much more smoothly. You may also wish to look through our information about issues between landlords and tenants.  The inspectors are very often willing to adjust their scheduled inspections should you be unable to complete the work in time for your appointment, as long as you communicate the status of your property and repairs.