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Finding an Apartment in Fargo

The largest share of Fargo's rental housing units are market-rate units open for general occupancy.  Many apartments are advertised in the Forum newspaper or can be found by searching the local yellow pages online. The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo-Moorhead also offers an online business directory that includes information about apartments.

If you are looking for affordable/subsidized housing...

Approximatley 10% of Fargo's rental housing market carries either rent or income limitations that guarantee affordability.  The following resources can help direct interested tenants to these properties.

  • Fargo Housing Authority - 600+ public housing units, 1,100+ Section 8 vouchers
  • "Mod Rehab" apartments - The Moderate Rehabilitation (Mod Rehab) Program provides rent subsidies to households with very low income.    
  • "Tax Credit" apartments - Housing created through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program has both rent and income restrictions to ensure affordability for low-income households. There are almost 1,000 tax credit units in Fargo (families, seniors, general occupancy).