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Mr. Gross Mouth

Gross Mouth

Activity: “Smoking makes you look bad!”

Supplies needed: Paper, markers or crayons

Lending library items: Tar jar, Mr. Gross Mouth, Mr. Dip Lip

Purpose: to demonstrate the effects of smoking on appearance.

1. Ask students if cigarettes affect a person’s looks?
2. Write down student responses on board.
3. Use tar jar to show how tar discolors teeth, use Mr. Gross Mouth to illustrate effects inside the mouth, use Mr. Dip Lip to show what happens with chewing tobacco.

Discussion points:

  • Cigarettes cause yellow "nicotine stains" on the teeth, lips, and fingers.
  • They cause wrinkles around the mouth and on the lips, from all the sucking on the cigarettes. Wrinkles aren't limited to these places. Smoking causes them all over your body.
  • If this isn't bad enough, smoking makes you smell bad.
  • Use what you have just learned to draw a picture of what you might look like as a smoker twenty years from now.
  • Ask students if they want to look like their pictures? How do they avoid looking like this?

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