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A Close Look at Tobacco Display

Closer Look

Activity: "What are they really saying?”

Supplies needed: Tobacco ads from magazines. If difficult to find, go to for a list of ads to print.

Optional lending library items: A Closer Look at Tobacco display case.

Purpose: To analyze advertisements about tobacco products and learn to identify what the advertisers are telling you and if it is true.

1. Hold up a magazine ad for a tobacco product. Ask the following questions:

  • What product is being advertised?
  • What message(s) are the pictures giving?
  • What message(s) are the words giving?
  • Do the pictures and words give the same message?
  • What age person would this ad appeal to the most?
  • Why?
  • Are the messages in this ad true?
  • How would you change this ad to make it more truthful about the effects of tobacco use?

Optional activity: Divide class into small groups, supply each group with one ad and a large piece of poster paper, instruct them to re-create the ad so it is accurate and share their process with rest of the class.

Discussion Points:

  • Tobacco companies target youth in their advertising campaigns and messages.
  • Some of the non-verbal messages given in the tobacco ads are not true. Tobacco ads say things people want to hear.

Visit for an updated document on tobacco industry marketing.

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