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Volunteers play a vital role in helping the shelter stay true to its mission.  We know your time is valuable and we will work with you to plan a volunteer activity that fits your availability, talents, and personal mission.  The Gladys Ray Shelter has several volunteer opportunities available for individuals, students, and groups.

Volunteer opportunities include:

•Technical and design assistance - social networking, promotion, computer support, video/photo project, database development
•Assistance with organizing, laundry/cleaning, preparations for daily shelter activity
•Day to day and shelter guest support - check in, providing supplies and snacks, positive interaction
•Planning special events, fundraising, marketing
•Office support, answering phones, data entry, filing
•One day service projects, civic/organization projects

Internships and Service Learning for Students

Opportunities are available for college students from a variety of college and university programs of study.  The shelter provides a unique setting for students to apply classroom learning and gain valuable experience through helping people meet life’s challenges. Internships and service learning programs are designed to serve both the needs of the shelter as well as the learning goals of the student.  In addition to those opportunities listed above, students can gain experience in the areas of:

•Intake, assessment, case management
•Crisis management, harm reduction, trauma informed services
•Cultural sensitivity and competence
•Mental health and substance abuse
•Legislation and advocacy
•Program planning and development
•Community based services and outreach
•Public relations and marketing