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Family Planning

Fargo Cass Public Health Clinic prices for many supplies and services will change starting April 1, 2017. Please contact the Fargo Cass Public Health Clinic at 241.1383 if you have any questions.

Men and women of reproductive age are provided with education, counseling, annual physical examinations and clinical services to meet their needs. This includes an in-depth history, physical exam (including a pelvic exam for females) and appropriate laboratory tests including a pap smear and STD screening.

Diverse StudentsWe provide education about reproduction, whether you are trying to prevent pregnancy or are seeking a pregnancy. We also offer a variety of contraceptive choices.

All of our services are confidential and offered without regard to: age, sex, race, nationality, religion, creed, disability, economic status, marital status, number of pregnancies, or contraception preference. We believe every person has a right to make a voluntary informed decision about their birth control method, including the option of abstinence.