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On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems

SENDC logoAs part of the Southeast North Dakota Public Health Collaborative (SEPHC), the Fargo Cass Public Health Division of Environmental Health facilitates the installation and evaluation of on-site sewage treatment systems (septic systems) across Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill Counties.

When installing a new septic system, SEPHC requires at least one soil test conducted by an approved contractor at the location of the proposed drainfield. With information from the soil test, along with information about the proposed construction, the inspector will determine the required septic tank and drainfield size and type. During installation, the inspector will visibly inspect the installation to insure it is completed in accordance with the design and all current rules and regulations. A septic system permit will be granted once the installation is approved.

If requested, SEPHC will conduct evaluations of existing septic systems in order to facilitate property transfer; however, evaluations of existing septic systems are not conducted by SEPHC in situations where the property is covered in snow or if frost inhibits the ability to probe the soil at the site. 

All new septic system installations and maintenance and/or modification of existing septic systems must be conducted by a licensed installer or by the property owner.