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Pet Store Regulations

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Fargo Cass Public Health licenses and inspects all stores that sell pets to the public. They are inspected to ensure they meet the following standards:

  • The facilities include clean housing for the animals, washrooms for caretakers, and proper heating, lighting and ventilation.
  • The enclosures where the animals are housed are in good repair and unable to cause injury to the animals. Also, the enclosures only house compatible groups of animals.
  • Sufficient feeding and watering of the animals is provided.
  • Animal waste is removed on a regular basis.
  • Sick or diseased animals are given proper medical care and not be sold until a doctor of veterinary medicine gives approval.
  • Proper records are maintained. Records of any animal sold must be retained by the seller for a period on 12 months.
  • Any cat or dog must be at least seven weeks old to be considered for sale.

If you have concerns about a pet store that does not appear to be meeting one of these standards, call the Environmental Health Division at 476-6729.

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