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Food safety education

Continuing Education and Training

Our Environmental Health Department thrives on offering continuing education and training to local businesses and the public. We strive to develop continuing education curriculums, organize instructional workshops and conduct training seminars. Our department review each subject matter or concern in order to select the most effective educational material or curriculum.

An environmental workshop or seminar may be requested from our department by calling 241-1360.

Instructional Videos

The following is a list of our instructional videos, which are available to all food service operators and their employees.

Food safety education videos
Video Title Subject Matter Length
Introduction to Food Safety Basic causes of foodborne Illness 10 minutes
Managing Food Safety HACCP suited for managers and chefs 20 minutes
Preparation, Cooking, and Service Basic safe food service practices 14 minutes
Receiving and Storage Safe receiving and storage techniques 13 minutes
Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing Cleaning, sanitizing, and handling of waste 11 minutes
Personal Hygiene Safe personal habits for food service employees 10 minutes
Your Health in Our Hands Proper handwashing techniques 8 minutes
Food Safety is No Mystery Investigating a foodborne outbreak 35 minutes
Egg Handling and Safety Proper handling of eggs 11 minutes
Ice: The Forgotten Food Safe production and handling of ice 14 minutes
Take Aim at Sanitation Sanitation for disposable food service items 9 minutes
Sanitizing for Safety Learn to sanitize and disinfect your foodservice operation 17 minutes
Should I Feel Guilty? Using foodservice disposables vs. re-usables 12 minutes
Dinners Served A food safety program 10 minutes