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Environmental Complaints and Nuisances

Fargo Cass Public Health's Environmental Division investigates and resolves a wide variety of environmental complaints received from local residents and commercial establishments.  These complaints and nuisances are resolved through the use of City of Fargo ordinances, state laws and federal regulations. Some of the complaints or nuisances we receive are related to these city regulations:

  • Stagnant water is not permitted on any property within the City of Fargo. Pools of stagnant water provide an area for mosquitoes to breed. 
  • Tall grass over eight inches in length on 30% or more of a piece of property is not allowable within the City of Fargo. 
  • Allowing any type of weed to accumulate is not permitted on any property within the City of Fargo. Weeds such as Canadian thistle, leafy spurge, purple loosestrife and salt cedar need to be controlled so they do not spread throughout the city.
  • Accumulation of junk, garbage or debris is not permitted at any volume within the City of Fargo. Junk, garbage and debris provide rodents with a space to live and a possible food source. 
  • Dog waste must be removed from any property within the City of Fargo on a regular basis.
  • Bed bugs (pdf) are considered to be a nuisance and, according to the CDC, they are not known to spread disease or considered a medical or public health hazard.  

If you would like to report a possible environmental complaint or nuisance, please call 476-6729.