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The City of Fargo and area businesses value our downtown customers. Fargo has a "Re-Parking" ordinance to ensure on-street parking spaces are available when customers visit Downtown. The City does not allow drivers to move their car from one parking space to another space on the same block when parking time limits are expired. This practice limits the availability of parking for others.

Please remember:

Short Move

  • Moving your vehicle from one space to another on the same block does not restart the time zone. When the posted time-limit restriction has elapsed and the vehicle remains parked or is parked again in the same block (see diagram), the vehicle will be considered stationary and eligible for a parking ticket. (Ordinance
  • The parking ticket fee is $15 for violating a time zone regulation, including moving your vehicle to another parking space in the same block. For example, if a driver is close to reaching his 90-minute time zone limit and moves his vehicle to a parking space half a block from where he was originally parked, he will not be given an additional 90 minutes for this time-limit violation. Driving around the block or driving away and returning to park on the same block a short time later may also lead to a ticket.

Parking Lots are available for people who wish to park for periods longer than time zones permit. Short-term and daily parking options are identified in the POP Lots on the Parking Made Easy map.