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City-owned Parking Facilities

Civic parking signThe City of Fargo owns and manages 11 public parking facilities with approximately 2,200 parking spaces.  These parking facilities are located throughout downtown and provide a mix of short term and permit-only parking. They include:

  • 2nd Avenue North Lot
  • 2nd Avenue South Lot
  • 3rd Avenue Lot
  • Civic Center Ramp
  • Civic Center Lot
  • NP Avenue Lot
  • Ground Transporation Center (GTC) Garage
  • 4th Street Lot
  • Main Avenue Lot
  • Island Park Ramp
  • 3rd Street Lot

The downtown parking lots map (pdf) identifies all public parking facilities in downtown Fargo.  You can also order a printed copy of the entire brochure on our publications pageCivicCenterParking

Follow Fargo's 'trailblazing' signs to find your way to downtown Fargo.  All city-owned parking lots now have a similar look. The name of the parking lot is included on the sign for your convenience when you are shopping downtown. Download our Parking Guide leaflet (pdf file). 

Fargo's public parking facilities are managed under contract with Interstate Parking Company. To rent a parking spot, contact Interstate Parking Company at 701-235-1618.