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Renewable Energy & Conservation Committee

The Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee (RECC) originated in April, 2005. Its mission is "to pursue, plan and implement policies and/or programs that will foster conservation, utilize and develop renewable resources, and protect the environment."
The committee is a recommending body, made up of eight members, that studies and implements ways Fargo can best use and conserve natural resources. The committee also focuses on improving energy efficiency in municipal buildings.
Some examples of recommendations from the committee that have already been implemented are:

  • Worked with EAPC architects on the energy and water saving features of the Metro Area Transit Garage.
  • expanded the use of biodiesel to the entire city fleet including the Metro Area Transit buses.
  • Made city  aware of the Federal Clean Renewable Energy Bond low interest program in 2006 that helped fund the development of the methane electrical generation project at the landfill.
  • Promoted use of reusable grocery bags to help reduce use of huge number of plastic bags.
  • Learned the value of pre-commissioning and post-commissioning new city buildings to ensure they operate most efficiently as a system.  The Downtown Library and new Fire Station are both operating more efficiently through this process.
  • Recommended adding energy saving hybrid vehicles and 4 new hybrid buses,
  • Helped prepare for 2008 ARRA funding through the Energy Efficiency Community Development block grant of $980,000 that has helped reduce energy costs in two parking ramps (2.5 year return on investment), solid waste building and downtown streetlight conversion to efficient LED lighting.
  • Works with the GO 2030 technical committee on the EECBG grant. Fargo's continuing GO 2030 Community Comprehensive planning to increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. 

Community priorities

  • Permanent Flood Protection: Water and Environment
  • Promote Infill Neighborhoods: Infill and New Development
  • Public Art: Arts and Culture
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian: Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Design Standards: Neighborhoods, Infill and New Development

Meeting Video

State of the Sun Solar Symposium
March 8, 2012