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Sidewalk Marketing Permits

sidewalkBusiness owners are allowed to use pedestrian signs (also known as "sidewalk marketing") to enhnace their marketing efforts.  To place signage on a city sidewalk (that is at least 6' in width), a business must submit an application that demonstrates compliance with the rules established in city code (18-0309).

The permit is valid for one year but may be renewed for an additional year without payment of an additional fee.  Permitted signs can only be displaced between the hours or 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. or until business closure (whichever is earlier).


  • Max height - 48" above sidewalk (60" if sign is mounted on an easel)
  • Max width - 30" or width that ensures at least 44" of clearance on the sidewalk


  • Minimum spacing between sign locations is 25'
  • Cannot extend past the curb or into any portion of the street surface or parking lane


  • Must be self-supporting and free-standing
  • Sign cannot use electrical connections