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Yard waste

Please note

The only materials that are to be placed into the compost containers are grass clippings, leaves, garden trimmings and excess fruit and vegetable scraps.  Branches are NOT allowed and cause considerable damage to the equipment.  Please do not place plastic bags of grass or garbage into the containers, there is a receptacle at each site for plastic bags.  Forestry crews collect branches (less than 10 inches in diameter) on a weekly basis from May to October, collection coincides with your garbage day.  Brush and branches can also be hauled to the Fargo Landfill at no charge to Fargo residents.  Thank you for your continued cooperation. 

Late spring and summer

From May through October, you can take your yard waste to one of our drop-off recycling sites that accepts yard waste.

The City of Fargo provides numerous locations where yard waste can be dropped off from spring through fall. See the list of on our drop-off recycling locations page

Fall, winter and early spring

From mid-October through April, city crews collect yard waste from the curb (or alley, wherever you place your garbage). Please place yard waste in bags or boxes and place them at least 5-feet away from your garbage cart. Solid Waste crews will attempt to collect yard waste on your garbage day with a separate truck in order to compost the large volumes of yard waste we receive in the fall. 

Seniors and residents with disabilities

The City of Fargo offers a yard waste collection service for senior citizens and residents with disabilities.  Please contact us for more information.

Yard waste 2013
This is one of several recycling drop sites in Fargo where residents can deposit yard waste during the summer.