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Cans, glass and plastic

We accept aluminum cans and tin/metal cans. We cannot accept scrap metal, nails, tin foil, aerosol cans (if empty, throw out) or paint cans.

We accept clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars.  Blue glass containers can be placed with green glass. Labels do not need to be removed, however, please remove caps. We cannot accept ceramics, window glass, Pyrex, or standard light bulbs (fluorescent bulbs should be brought to the HHW facility.) All colors of glass may be placed together in the same recycling bin for curbside pickup.

We accept plastic bottles tubs and jugs with the  #1 through  #7 recycling symbol.  Please empty, rinse and remove caps before recycling. We cannot accept plastic bags, shrink wrap, film, styrofoam, pump spray tops, VCR tapes, toys, swimming pools, landscape edging, plastic furniture or electronics. All acceptable plastics may be placed in the same bin for curbside pickup.