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Amounts collected

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW) plays an important part in keeping unwanted items out of Fargo's landfill or making sure they are properly disposed of. In 2012, HHW collected a total of 353,320 pounds of hazardous materials and recycled or reused 90% of it. The figures below show some of the most common types of materials and how much was collected at HHW in 2012.

Hazardous materials collected in 2012
Common Materials Amount Collected
Pesticides 600 pounds
Flammable liquids 10,800 pounds
Oil-based paint and stain 12,800 pounds
Flammable solids 2,793 pounds
Aerosols 1,440 pounds
Latex paint 33,996 pounds
Electronics 191,289 pounds
Corrosives 176 pounds
Mercury 100 pounds
Motor oil & filters 20,262 pounds
Antifreeze 4,105 pounds
Fluorescent bulbs 11,464 pounds
PCB ballasts 294 pounds