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New recruits must successfully complete the 17 week Police Training Program (PTO).During training a Police Training Officer will facilitate the recruit's learning about a variety of skills such as communication, local procedures, legal authority, officer safety, use of force, etc.

The Fargo Police Department has used the PTO model since 2003. The program differs from the traditional FTO program in that it focuses less on the evaluation of the recruit and more on developing the officer's problem solving skills through problem based learning.

Training  does not end once the recruit completes the PTO program. Officers receive monthly training on firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, legislative changes, search and seizure, and additional trainings are offered such as bike patrol, crime scene and accident investigation, and interview and interrogation methods.

The department believes in the professional development of its officers and tries to facilitate other trainings requested by officers.

"Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they can't get it wrong." -Jose N. Harris