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Hiring Process

In order to join our ranks, you must be prepared to go through a very challenging and complex hiring process.  The process is difficult, as it is intended to be.  We strive to find only those candidates who possess a strong work ethic, have high moral character, are resolute in their honesty and integrity, and have a sincere desire to serve their community.  Only the best candidates are successful and we want you to be one of them.

Physical Fitness Assessment

The physical fitness assessment tests an applicants physical ability to properly perform the job of a police officer. The test consists of the following requirements:

  • 1 1/2 mile run in 14 minutes 54 seconds
  • 300 meter dash in 66 seconds
  • 29 sit-ups in 60 seconds
  • 27 push-ups in 60 seconds

Police Officer Entrance Exam

During the exam, applicants will complete the National Police Select Test, a personal history questionnaire, and personal inventory questionnaire geared toward law enforcement personnel.

The following scores are required to pass the entrance exam:
Video Test—75%
Reading Test—80%
Observational/Report Writing Test-80%

Oral Interview

An oral interview with representatives from the police department will allow for an opportunity for personal contact with the applicant. The interview allows the police representatives to evaluate the applicant’s communication skills and judgment.

Pre-Hire Screening

Applicants who pass the oral interview will be scheduled to attend a pre-hire screening session. During that time, the department’s Administrative Sergeant will review the results of the personal history questionnaire, the personal inventory, the criminal history, and the credit history with the applicant. The completed background packet along with the applicants official high school and post-secondary transcripts will also be reviewed.

Background Investigation

Qualified candidates are investigated as to their character and reputation. The candidate’s present and previous employers will be contacted for information regarding the candidate’s work history. The background investigation also includes a thorough check into the candidate’s police and driving records. If the candidate successfully passes the background investigation, he or she is placed on the candidate eligibility list. Candidates  remain on the candidate eligibility list for a period of two years.

Conditional Offer of Employment

Those candidates selected by the chief of police for hire will receive a conditional offer of employment.  The candidate must then successfully complete a polygraph examination, psychological examination, a medical examination, and a national fingerprint search.

  • Polygraph Examination: Candidates who are offered conditional employment will take a polygraph examination.  This examination helps to verify the accuracy of the candidate’s application and that his or her oral statements are truthful.  The questions asked are discussed with the candidate prior to taking the test. This process takes approximately two to three hours.
  • Psychological Examination: Candidates who are offered conditional employment will be required to take a combination of written psychological tests and to participate in an oral interview given by ensed psychologist after a conditional employment offer. The testing and interview process take approximately two a licensed psychologist. The testing and interview process take approximately two to three hours.
  • Medical Examination: Candidates who are offered employment are required to undergo a medical examination. The medical exam is conducted by a physician designated by the Fargo Police Department.

Full Offer and Transition to PTO

All candidates who receive a full offer of employment will be sent a letter outlining the terms of the offer as well as what to expect during their first two weeks of employment.  The letter will explain the orientation, training and PTO program. 

Elimination from the Hiring Process

Candidates who are eliminated from the hiring process will be allowed to re-enter the process based on the following guidelines:

Reason for Elimination Waiting Period
National Police Select Test Entrance Exam No waiting period.
Physical Fitness Test No waiting period.
Oral Interview No waiting period.
Pre-Hire Screening Applicants who are eliminated based on information obtained during the pre-screening process must wait one year before they will be eligible to start the application process again.
Background Investigation Applicants who are eliminated based on information obtained during the background investigation must wait one year before they will be eligible to start the application process again.
Conditional Offer Phase Applicants who are eliminated during the conditional offer phase must wait at least one year or the minimum amount of time recommended by the physician or psychologist, whichever is longer, before starting the application process again.