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Codes for Dispatch Logs

Code Key for Dispatch Logs
Code Description
AC Action Complete
HE Alarm - Human Error
NR No Report
ME Alarm - Mech. Error
WR Warned and Released
CAN Dispatch Cancelled
DTX Detox
GOA Gone on Arrival
ICR Complaint Report
NAT Alarm - Weather Related
NKH Alarm - No Keyholder
UNF Unfounded Complaint
AC Accident
AL Alarms
AR Animal Run
AT ATL/Welfare Check
AV Abandoned Vehicle
BC Bar Check
BI Bicycle Recovered/Stolen
BM Bomb Threat
BU Burglary
CC Criminal Complaints
DD DUI (Drunken Driver)
DI Disturbance
DK Drunks - Intoxicated
DO Domestic
ES Escort
FP Found Property
FW Fireworks
HC House/Building Check
IM Impounds
JC Juvenile Complaint
LN Loud Parties/Noises
ME Mental Dist./Suicidal
MP Missing Persons/Run
NC Narcotics
RO Robbery
RR Returned/Recovered Vehicle
SH Shoplifter
SU Suspicious Act/Person
SV Stolen Vehicle
TC Traffic Complaint
TH Theft
AAF Airport (Emergency)
ATL Attempt to Locate
AWF Arcing Wires
BMF Bomb Threat
BTF Boat (Drowning)
CMF Commercial Fire
FLF Fuel Leak (Vehicle)
GFF Grass Fire
GLF Gas Leak (Natural Gas)
HMF Hazardous Materials
HNG 911 Hang-Up/Open Line
HPF Hospital/Nursing Home
MAF Mutual Aid
MDF Medical Assist
MIF Miscellaneous
RCF Rescue
RRF Railroad
RDF Residential Fire
RTK Report Taken at Station
1050/HR Accident/Hit & Run
1050/I Accident/Injuries
1050/P Accident/No Injuries
1056 Drunk Individual
1090 Alarm
10-1 Unable to copy
10-2 Signals good
10-4 Acknowledgment
10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy - Standby
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat
10-12 Standby
10-19 Return to
10-20 Location
10-21 Call _______ by phone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Arrived at scene
10-24 Assignment completed
10-27 Drivers License Information
10-28 Vehicle Registration
10-29 Check NCIC/CWIS(National Crime Information Center and Central Warrant Issuing System to determine if person is wanted or property is stolen.)
10-41 Beginning tour of duty
10-42 Ending tour of duty
10-50 Accident (F=Fatal I=Injury P=Property)
10-56 Intoxicated person
10-90 Alarm (Burglar/Holdup)
10-92 Officer at home
10-96 Developmentally disabled individual
10-99 Records indicates wanted or stolen
101 lunch at
103 Dead person (Dead On Arrival)
104 Officials or visitors present
112 Bomb threat