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Sex Offender Notification

Use the Interactive Sex Offender List & Map tool in order to search for registered Sex Offenders in your area.

All of the offenders listed on this site have been convicted of a sex offense requiring them to register with local law enforcement. The offenders are grouped into four groups: Level III (high-risk), Level II (moderate-risk), Homeless, and Non-compliant Sex Offenders.

Every sex offender required to register in the state of North Dakota is given a risk assessment by the North Dakota Sex Offender Risk Assessment Committee. Appointed by the North Dakota Attorney General, this committee provides law enforcement and citizens with an assessment of the dangers the offenders pose. In determining the risk assessment, the committee considers several elements, including:

  • the crime the offender committed.
  • treatment received for sexual offending issues.
  • other psychological issues.
  • criminal history.
  • any history of substance abuse.
  • treatment for substance abuse.
  • behavior while in custody.
  • other issues. 

The Fargo Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to North Dakota Criminal Code 12.1-32-15, which authorizes law enforcement agencies to disclose sex offender information if the agency determines the individual is a public risk and disclosure is necessary for public protection. The information contained here pertains to Level III and Level II sex offenders living in the City of Fargo. Illegal activities against a sex offender will not be tolerated and those responsible will face criminal charges. These activities could jeopardize the notification law and lead to restrictions on what information can be released to the public.