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Crime reports

Photo of records staffWe can provide copies of criminal reports, but there are some stipulations on their release:

  • If the case has not cleared the court process, we will not be able to provide the report. 
  • If juveniles or victims of domestic violence are involved in the case, we must black out their names.  
  • If the report contains the names of suspects who were never charged, we must black out their names. 

If the report is nine pages or less, the fee is $7. If the report is 10 to24 pages, the fee is $10. Reports over 25 pages cost $10 plus 25 cents per page.

To request a report, send the fee and the police report request form to the address indicated on the form. After we receive the fee, form and proper information, we will fax the report to you if a fax number is provided; otherwise, we will mail you the report.