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Night to Unite

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How would you like to improve the safety of your neighborhood, have a fun time with your neighbors, build community and take part in a huge, nationwide program?

You can do it all at Night to Unite celebration on August 2, 2016! This is the night to get together with your neighbors.

What is building community?

This is a simple but powerful method for people to improve their own and others' living conditions. At its most basic, this is nighbors working together to create positive changes in an area--whether they're trying to reduce crime, looking out for each other's property, or getting involved.

Here are some tips to make planning a Night to Unite celebration easy.

Decide to get involved! Already involved in a crime watch group? Night to Unite will help keep your group active. This is important: neighbors who know each other and agree to watch out for suspicious behavior are a great defense against crime.

Plan your event. Design an event that fits your block. Your block is unique and your event can reflect that. Participate with any kind of event that suits you and your neighbors.

Have a planning meeting. Even the simplest event requires some planning. Plus, if you don't want to do all the work yourself-get some volunteers at the planning meeting.

How will you involve children? Kids bring great energy and enthusiasm to Night to Unite events. Get all ages busy with your Night to Unite planning this year. Involving children and teens can also have a great long-term benefit for your block. Recent research shows that crime rates are lowest where young people and adults share a close bond.

Where will you hold your event?

  • Lawn or park
  • Vacant Lot
  • Parking Lot
  • Street
  • Backyard
  • Driveway

Decide the details. Do you want refreshments? Do you want to have entertainment? What kind and who will provide it? Do you want to feature any special group activities? Divide up responsibilities among neighbors.

Invite your neighbors. Make a Night to Unite sign and put it in your yard. Fill out the Night to Unite invitation flyer with the specifics about your party, make copies and hand them out to all of your neighbors.



Register your event!   Let us know, so we can stop out with some fun items for the children and crime prevention/crime stats for the adults!