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Citizen Volunteer Program

Citizen volunteers make a welcome contribution to the Fargo Police Department. Citizens help us make Fargo a safer place to live by contributing their time and talents in a number of supportive roles in all areas of the department. More than 40 volunteers assist our officers and staff with tasks such as:

  • Contacting crime victims about the progress of their cases
  • Conducting criminal history checks
  • Enforcing handicapped parking regulations
  • Police training and other special projects
  • Conducting phone surveys to determine citizen satisfaction with our services
  • Data entry
  • Fingerprinting and photography
  • Assisting at our reception desk

We encourage volunteers to let us know which areas of the department they are most interested in contributing to.  Citizens' volunteer assignments are based on their interests and abilities, as well as the needs of the police department. 

Benefits and requirements of volunteering

Our volunteers are a great benefit to us and seem to find their work personally rewarding, too. Citizen volunteers gain a better understanding of their police department, including the challenges we face. Volunteers also get a unique look at the city they live in and develop relationships with police officers and other members of the community.

To join our volunteer team, you must be able to commit at least eight to 10 hours of your time to the department each month; we also welcome full-time volunteers. You will be required to follow police department police and procedures and to adhere to our confidentiality policy.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and proficient in the English language.

We prefer that you complete the Citizen Police Academy before applying for our volunteer program, but this is not a requirement.

All volunteers receive orientation and training before beginning their duties.

Becoming a volunteer

At this time, the Fargo Police Department is not accepting applications for volunteers. Thank you for your interest. Citizens interested in volunteering in the police department must complete our selection process. It includes completing an application form, submitting to criminal background and driving record checks, and being interviewed by a member of our staff.