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Longterm Plan for On-Street Bike Lanes

Recent studies and planning events have shown a need for more on-street bicycle facilities in the City of Fargo. In an effort to meet this need, residents and city staff have discussed options and identified routes where bike lanes could be added to existing roads. These routes meet MNDOT Bikeway Facility Design Manual guidelines and would provide a safer place for bicyclists riding on the street.

Most older parts of the City do not have a dedicated place to ride safely in the street right-of-way. Older street designs typically consist of 4.5’ sidewalks on both sides and room for parking and driving lanes on the street.  There are very few 8’ wide shared use paths, and where they are provided, there is usually a route disconnection of some sort.  However, with the addition of a few on-street facilities, we can enhance network connectivity and safety for the bicyclists.

Why does Fargo need bike lanes?

The City has dense development in a 6-square mile area, north of 13th Ave. S., which includes the central business district, a hospital, and NDSU’s main campus and downtown locations. These are all large trip generators, yet there is no designated place for non-recreational bicyclists to ride except for the shared use path along the Red River. While this shared use path is an asset to our community, it does not serve as a quick and direct route when riding to destinations nor does it provide a designated space to travel east to west. 

Many of the daily users in this area do not own an automobile or would rather use something other than an automobile to make their trip.