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Narcotics Unit


The Narcotics unit consists of five narcotics detectives. Four of the detectives concentrate on investigations in the city of Fargo while one of the detectives is federally deputized and serves on the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force, investigating federal drug cases in the region.

The  Narcotics Unit is not only responsible for drug crimes, but also gangs and prostitution. The unit relies heavily on information from the public as the starting point for most investigations.Learn more about common warning signs of drug activity in your neighborhood.
The Fargo Police Department's Narcotics Unit investigates and enforces drug, gang, weapon and vice law violations within the city of Fargo. The unit is also committed to assisting the community in reducing the impact of illegal drugs, prostitution and gun violence through education and prevention programs.

The Narcotics Unit works closely with the Intelligence Unit to collect and act on drug, gun, gang and vice crime activity in conjunction with the following law enforcement entities:
•      Cass County Drug Task Force  
•      Moorhead Police Department
•      Clay County Sheriff's Office 
•      U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
•      North Dakota Parole and Probation  
•      U.S. Bureau of Alochol, Tobacco and Firearms 
•      United States Custom Service

The use, sale and manufacturing of methamphetamine had been a serious problem in our community over the past several years. The combined efforts of law enforcement and the F-M community have resulted in a 75% decrease in the number of methamphetamine-related cases investigated by FPD since 2005. You can continue to help us fight our community's drug-related problems by reporting suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Only with the help of citizens like you, can we make a positive impact on crime in our community.

We all suffer from the effects of illegal activity such as drug trafficking, gun violence, gang activity and prostitution. Quality-of-life issues such as the health and welfare of our children, public safety, increasing crime rates, higher medical costs and lost productivity are all related to such crimes.

To report potential drug activity, gang activity, illegal firearm possession or sale, prostitution, or other criminal activity, contact Detective Bret Witteat 241-1515 or e-mail him at . Please leave your name and phone number; providing this information does not mean it will be mentioned in a police report. While we do accept anonymous tips, they are much more difficult and costly to investigate. Often these tips are missing small pieces of information that would allow us to apply for a search warrant. We investigate them as our resources allow, but with no phone number to call for more information, we often hit a dead end.

For general questions or to request a speaker from our unit at your event, contact Sgt. Erbes at 701-241-1456 or

To learn more about drug abuse,visit our drugs and alcohol information page. This Web page is designed to provide you with overview of the type of illegal drugs common to our area.  The Internet and library will provide you with more detailed information, but you can also feel free to contact us if you have any questions.