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Traffic Safety Unit (Motorcycle)

motorcycle close up The Fargo Police Department's Traffic Specialty Unit (TSU) utilizes three Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycles which are operated when the weather affords the officers the ability to safely ride.  During inclement weather and winter months the TSU officers also have unmarked vehicles to aid in their enforcement efforts.  Currently, the Traffic Specialty Unit has two unmarked Ford Explorers, an unmarked Dodge Charger, and an unmarked Dodge Intrepid.

The Fargo Police Department has nine officers motorcycle trained. Each have completed specialized motorcycle operator training provided by Harley-Davidson.  Currently, three TSU officers are assigned to the day shift and three TSU officers are assigned to the evening shift.  This unit has since evolved from doing just traffic enforcement. Three of the TSU officers, the TSU sergeant, and the TSU lieutenant have had traffic crash reconstruction training.  The TSU officers focus on traffic violations, traffic analysis, crash reduction, public education, and public relations.TSU ticket

TSU officers are often assigned to areas where speeding is more prevalent and to intersections known to have a high number of traffic crashes or red-light violations.  The TSU follow-up on citizen complaints and also investigate complaints of motorists violating School Bus Stop Arm laws.  For speed enforcement, motorcycle officers use LIDAR, which is commonly referred to as laser radar.

These officers' public relations efforts include appearances at schools, in parades, and other special events in the city.

TSU Lidar picture


 Jim Kringlie 

Sergeant Jim Kringlie
(701) 476-4173