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Crime-Free Self Storage Program


The Fargo Police Department wants to partner with self-storage facility owners and managers to keep criminal activity off of their property. This can be accomplished by improving security in self-storage facilities and changing management operating procedures to help deter crime on the property.

By participating in this program, you will learn how to provide a safe environment to store property and to keep units filled. You also will receive crime prevention tips to improve the security and safety of the property. By using these suggestions, you will decrease the potential for crime to occur on your site.


Benefits of participating in this program:

  • Learn tips for no-cost screening practices.
  • Learn crime prevention techniques and how to identify potential problems.
  • Receive a Security Assessment.
  • Receive a crime-free self-storage program sign to display on your property after successfully completing the CPTED survey.
  • Recieve notification of criminal activity occuring in storage units. 

Owners and managers are asked to attend a free 4-hour class presented by the Fargo Police Department to learn how to reduce burglary, theft, criminal damage and other property crimes in their self-storage facility. Topics discussed in the class include:

  • Improving the screening process to stop potential problems before they start.
  • Crime and crime prevention techniques.
  • Lease addendums and renter education.
  • Identifying, reporting and eliminating illegal drug labs, storage of chemicals and illegal/hazardous materials; cleanup costs and liabilities associated with these materials.
  • Eviction process.

To learn more about this program or to register for a class, contact Deb at 298-6968 or e-mail her at