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Zoning FAQ's

How can I find out what my property is zoned? You can use to find out the zoning for a specific parcel (by address). You can also view a zoning map, or call the Planning Department at 701-241-1474.  The Land Development Code will explain more about each zoning category.

How do I apply for a zoning change? You will find all of the zoning-related applications on our Web site.  Zoning matters are heard before the Planning Commission on a monthly basis. Applications are due approximately six weeks before the scheduled Planning Commission hearing.

How can I get a formal Zoning determination for my property?  A zoning confirmation letter is an official correspondence from the city's zoning administrator that explains the zoning on a particular property. A written interpretation goes into further explanation about what is and is not allowed on a particular piece of property as per the zoning. View the applications page for the fees and procedures associated with these requests.