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This page contains downloadable versions of the subdivision, zoning and other land use planning-related applications that are facilitated by the Department of Planning and Development.

Any application that is to be reviewed by the Planning Commission should follow the following procedure:

  1. Meet with Planning Department staff to review the application and the approval process.
  2. Submit all the required materials, application, and fees to the Planning office by the Planning Commission agenda deadline that has been set for each meeting.
Land Use Planning Applications and Fees
Application Fee
Minor Plat  $350
Major Plat  $600
Vacation Plat $600
Zoning Change  $300
Growth Plan Amendment $300
Annexation Petition $0
LDC Text Amendments $300
Planned Unit Developments $300
Zoning Confirmation Letter Word doc or PDF $60
Written Interpretation $185
Site Plan Review
House Moving Permit $185
Conditional Use Permit $185
Certificate of Appropriateness - Exterior improvements $0
Certificate of Appropriateness - New construction, demolition, signage $0
Variance $185