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December 5, 2007, 11:30 a.m.

Human Relations Commission
City Commission Room, Fargo City Hall


1.      Welcome and Introductions

2.      Approval of Agenda

3.      Approval of October 3rd Minutes

4.      Announcements - Amy Phillips leaving, Yoke Sim to talk about Pangea

5.      Presentation: Barry Nelson, Healthy Communities Initiative

6.      FHRC Activities Plan 

            a.      Goal 1: Public inquiries and discrimination complaints – Follow 
                     up on Spectrum Article 
            b.      Goal 2: Know Your Rights Initiative – Distribute KYR Cards
            c.      Goal 3: Acceptance and respect for diversity efforts – Update 
                     on MLK Day

7.      Funding Requests – vote on Pangea, Native Am Heritage month 
         sponsorship, potential Building Bridges Conf. Sponsorship

8.      Public Comment (12:15)

9.      Other Business not Listed on the Agenda

10.    Adjourn



Present: Amy Phillips, Fowzia Adde, Janeen Kobrinsky, Prairie Rose

Absent: Joshua Boschee, Chuck Stebbins, Hatem Nour, Joy Rice, Yoke Sim Gunaratne

Chair Prairie Rose called the meeting to order.

Item 1. Welcome and Introductions
(11:30 a.m.) All those present were introduced. Although the Commission did not meet a quorum, discussion was held and no votes were cast.

Item 2. Approval of Agenda
(11:34 a.m.) The agenda was approved by consensus.

Item 3. Approval of the October 3, 2007 Minutes
(11:36 a.m.) The Commission Members could not move to approve the October 3, 2007 minutes due to a lack of quorum.

Item 4. Announcements
(11:38 a.m.) Chair Prairie Rose announced that Amy Phillips is resigning from the Commission and is taking a position at the University of North Dakota. Chair Prairie Rose thanked Amy for the time she gave to the Human Relations Commission.

Chair Prairie Rose noted that the Pangea event was successful.

Item 5. Presentation: Barry Nelson, Healthy Communities Initiative
(11:45 a.m.) Barry Nelson, Healthy Communities Initiative, was scheduled to give a presentation at this time. However, Mr. Nelson had a conflict and was unable to attend the meeting.

Item 6. FHRC Activities Plan
a.  Goal 1: Public inquiries and discrimination complaints – Follow up on Spectrum Article

(11:47 a.m.) Chair Prairie Rose briefed the Commission on a parody that was written to the Spectrum. She stated the article depicts an artist’s rendering of “Dora the Explorer” as the new UND mascot. The article was found offensive to Native Americans. The Fargo Forum ran an apology written by the student association. Chair Prairie Rose felt the Human Relations Commission should address this. A letter was also sent by the Native American Commission stating their disapproval of the article. The editor was open to the fact that he did not proof the article first before publication.

Phillips questioned if there have been any follow up conversations and recommended supportive action from this body.

Mahli will disperse a copy of the article along with the Native American Commission’s response. He suggested the Commission draft a letter to The Forum. 

Phillips announced that there are t-shirts being produced in Jamestown that have a Sioux logo and the phrase “There will be no Sioux casinos” underneath. UND has stated that the logo is copyrighted.  Phillips stated shirts are still being purchased by ‘Originals’, the Jamestown company.

Mahli questioned whether anything from TOCAR (Teaching our Campus Against Racism) has been seen. Chair Prairie Rose answered “no”. She stated she would follow up with the campus.

b.  Goal 2: Know Your Rights Initiative – Distribute KYR Cards
(11:53 a.m.) Phillips stated 3 Know Your Rights cards are on the Web but there is no more funding for translations. She mentioned that the employment card is near completion and interns will be distributing the 3 cards to area agencies.

Mahli stated NDHC provided grant money to translate the cards. One thousand dollars was given for six cards from Resist Inc. Cass County Services requests the cards. The interns will use community development mailing list to determine the agencies to distribute to. If anyone would like more cards, they are informed to call the Planning Office at 701.241.1474.

Phillips stated there is one more Know Your Rights meeting December 19, 2007 at 1:30.

c.  Goal 3: Acceptance and respect for diversity efforts – Update on MLK Day
(12:00 p.m.) Chair Prairie Rose updated the Commission on MLK Day. She stated the choir is grade 5 and up and applications are being sent out. She informed the Commission that NDSU and NDHC are helping out with the event. She stated December 21, 2007 is the deadline for nominations. She stated that the program contains the Martin Luther King speech. Kobrinsky noted that the Trollwood Choir will be performing. The Mayor and Chair Prairie Rose will hand out awards.

Mahli reiterated that the MLK day is a day of service to others. He stated activities have included “Stuff the Bus” and a free will offering, which is donated to the Homeless Coalition. He stated that “Stuff the Bus” will be held this year as well, with collection sites around the community. Mahli stated the food, clothing and drops off will be given to shelters and centers.

Item 7. Funding Requests – vote on Pangea, Native Am Heritage month sponsorship, potential Building Bridges Conf. Sponsorship
(12:06 p.m.) Mahli discussed that the potential Building Bridges Conference is put on by the Lutheran Social Service (LSS) center for new America. He stated the Commission could consider being a co-sponsor and that the Commission could write LSS for a formal request.

Item 8. Public Comment (12:15)
(12:08 p.m.) Mavis Nyman, a university teacher in food and nutrition and member of By Faith, spoke on the importance of recognizing Human Rights Day on December 10, 2007. She expressed that something should be done in the community and that she would like to be part of it. She also feels that the day should be promoted annually and that perhaps the Human Relations Commission can promote this.

Mahli stated that the Moorhead Human Rights Commission does an event for Human Rights Day at the Moorhead Center Mall and also stated that the Fargo Human Relations Commission has a booth there.

Nyman also brought pamphlets of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” written by Eleanor Roosevelt. Nyman stated that everyone should have one to make everyone aware that they have these rights which include economic, social, cultural and civil rights.

Mahli suggested that the Commission make a public outreach for next year’s 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Day. Mahli also mentioned that relevant videos Nyman has could be run on our public access channel on Human Rights Day.

Item 9. Other Business not Listed on the Agenda
(12:23 p.m.) Mahli stated Nate Bailly will schedule and send an email in regards to the year end retreat.

Mitch Marr will replace Amy Phillips’ position on the Commission in January.

Mahli mentioned that there could be a discussion at the retreat on finding additional/other possible members for the Human Relations Commission.

Item 10. Adjourn
The time at adjournment was 12:25 p.m.