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FAQ: Signs

Can I put a billboard on my property?

Off-premise signs such as billboards are allowed in the GI, LI, GC, and LC commercial districts provided they meet size and height limitations, and spacing requirements. These regulations can be found within the Sign Code.

How large can my business’s on-site sign be?

On-premise signs are allowed in all zoning districts, but are subjected to §20-1307 of the Sign Code.

For how long are temporary signs allowed to be displayed?

14 days. A period of at least 60 days must pass before the temporary sign is set up again.

This is only for banner signs, contractor signs, “going-out-of-business” signs, “grand opening” signs, garage sale signs, subdivision development sign, real estate signs, lost animal sign, boulevard directional sign, and high impact signs. The details concerning each of these can be found in the sign code.


Fargo Sign Code