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FAQ: Home Occupations

What regulations do I have to comply with in order to conduct a home occupation?

These are described in §20-0403.C of the Land Development Code. The purpose is to allow residents to engage in business within their homes and ensure that such activities do not impair the quality or livability of the residential neighborhood. The home occupation, as an accessory use, must remain a subordinate use to the allowed primary use, household living.

The code defines home occupations into two categories: minor and major. The difference is between the hours of operations, if employees come to the home, the number of customers, and the amount of space dedicated to the business.

Would I be able to open a day care in my home?

Day cares with up to 13 children or adults are a use permitted by-right but subjected to standards for single dwelling residential districts. This is  the same for multi-dwelling residential zoned districts, but they can have more than 13 children or adults with a Conditional Use Permit.

The day care must comply with the city’s sign ordinance, have no more than one nonresident employee (at any one time), and for AG and SR districts the day care must be an accessory use.

What uses are prohibited for a Home Occupation?

Home occupations that comply with the performance standards (number of customers, percentage of house dedicated to the occupation, hours of operation, etc.) are allowed.

Specifically prohibited home occupations are:

1. Vehicle and Large Equipment Repair - Any type of repair or assembly of vehicles or equipment with internal combustion engines (autos, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, outboard marine engines, lawn mowers, chain saws, other small engines, etc.) or of large appliances (washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, etc.) or any other work related to automobiles and their parts

2. Dispatch Centers - Where employees would come to the site to be dispatched to other locations

3. Mortuaries

4. Animal Care, Grooming, or Boarding Facilities - Includes animal hospitals, kennels, stables and other types of animal care or boarding facilities. Dog grooming services are also included as prohibited animal care or boarding facilities; however, to the extent that such services would otherwise qualify as a Minor Home Occupation. In no event may dog grooming be allowed as a Major Home Occupation.

5. Firearms and Ammunition Sales - The sale of firearms and/or ammunition and the production of ammunition for sale or resale

6. Adult Entertainment Center Uses - Entertainment or sale of goods defined as adult bookstore, adult cinema, adult entertainment facility as defined in Sec. 20-1202 of the Land Development Code.