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FAQ: Backyards

I want to construct a deck in my backyard. Will this count towards the maximum building coverage allowed in my property’s zoning district?

Open porches and canopied outdoor areas do not count towards the building coverage maximum. Keep in mind that setbacks do still apply.

What are the setback requirements for decks and porches?

Uncovered porches or decks can extend up to 10 feet into any required front, rear, or street side setback and up to 3 feet into any required interior side setback.

Where in my backyard can I construct a swimming pool, deck, or other structure? What permits will I need?

Swimming pools and other backyard features are subject to required setbacks. Keep in mind any potential utility easements that may hinder where you can install accessory structures.

Call North Dakota One Call at 811 to have the utility lines on your property located before doing any digging.