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Fargo Comprehensive Plan

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What is the Fargo Comprehensive Plan?

The Fargo Comprehensive Plan will establish the
community’s vision for the future of Fargo. It will
ensure that city government, the private sector
and the public are all working together to achieve
a common vision. The comprehensive plan will
consider all of the systems that make up our
city, (e.g. infrastructure, flood mitigation, energy,
transportation, natural resources, land use and
quality of life) and will identify policies, projects
and other investments that will move Fargo ahead.

Why Plan?

The common vision established in the
comprehensive plan will provide the primary
direction for decision makers in the future. An
ambitious comprehensive plan will boost Fargo’s
economy, improve its quality of life, and foster the
advancement and prosperity for generations to
come. With an engaged citizenry, a visionary City
Commission and a robust private sector, Fargo can move together toward a better future.

The last comprehensive plan, finished in 1995, provided critical direction for numerous accomplishments, including the downtown revitalization and the NDSU Technology Park.  This plan will build on the successes of the past and create the next big ideas for Fargo’s future.

Who is conducting the Fargo Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Fargo Department of Planning and Development is leading this effort with a team of local and national planning experts. The consultant team includes BNIM (a national planning and architectural firm based in Kansas City), SRF (a local engineering and environmental consulting firm), and AE2S (a local environmental consulting firm). Funding for the Fargo Comprehensive Plan comes primarily from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the Department of Energy.

How can you get involved?

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Attend a public meeting:
The planning team will host a series of public meetings throughout the planning process. Please join us to establish the overarching vision and goals for Fargo in the year 2030.

Public Meeting 06-23-11 (pdf)
Public Meeting 09-22-11 part 1 & part 2
Public Meeting 01-24-12

Submit your ideas online and vote for the best ideas:
Submit your ideas on our interactive townhall website. Vote for the best ideas. Share your ideas at

Attend a lecture:
We are hosting a forum for speakers to share their ideas about the future of Fargo and this planning process. See Speaker Forum Schedule.

Speaker Series Session 1
Speaker Series Session 2
Speaker Series Session 3
Speaker Series Session 4
Speaker Series Session 5
Speaker Series Session 6
Speaker Series Session 7
Speaker Series Session 8

Latest Events (Video)

Steering Committee 04-21-11
News Conference 04-25-11
Steering Committee 06-24-11
Steering Committee 08-24-11 part 1 & part 2
Steering Committee 10-27-11
Steering Committee 12-08-11

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