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Frequently Asked Questions

How-To FAQs

How do I sign up?

Anyone with a valid library card can use Library2Go and they need only their library card number and their last name to sign in. For information on getting a library card please see Getting a Library Card.

How do I know if my device is supported?

Overdrive's Device Resource Center has a list of tested devices, though it is not comprehensive, some devices may be supported that are not in the list. Many devices only support certain file formats, however. You may limit the devices by supported file format (WMA, MP3, ePub and Video) using the "show" dropdown menu. The file formats that a title is available in are shown in the Library2Go interface.

Do I need a computer?

You need a computer to transfer titles to most devices, including the Barnes and Noble Nook (black and white models) and Sony Reader (non-wi-fi models). iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Android devices and Nook Color and Tablets allow direct download of MP3 eAudiobooks and eBooks using the Overdrive Media Console for iPod, Android and Nook. The Overdrive Media Console can be downloaded for the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. Kindle delivery is managed directly by and requires a registered Kindle reading device or application and an account. The Sony Reader Wi-Fi has Overdrive lending build directly into the device.

What is my PIN?

Your PIN is your last name.

Can I return items early?

For any device that uses Digital Editions (including black and white Nooks, Sony Readers, and other devices), please see the help page in the Overdrive Help Center for instructions on returning eBooks early using Adobe Digital Editions.

For Kindles, items are returned early in the Manage Your Kindle section of your account. Clicking the Action button will give an option for returning the title early.

For mobile devices please consult the Overdrive Help Center for your specific device. Some of them are iOS, AndroidNook Color and Nook Tablet and Sony Reader Wi-Fi.

Only eAudiobooks in the MP3 format can be returned early (instructions here). WMA audiobooks cannot be returned early.

 Does Library2Go work on Macs?

You can listen to MP3 eAudiobooks and read eBooks on Macs as well as transfer those formats to a device (eBook reader or portable media player). You cannot listen to WMA audiobooks or Videos using a Mac or transfer these formats to a device.

My eBook gives an error that says “User not Authorized”.

When you first plug your ereading device into your computer and open Adobe Digital Editions it should ask you if you want to authorize your device for use with that computer. If you cancel, items transferred to the device from that version of Digital Editions will not work. If you are on a nook, you must also register the device with Barnes and Noble using the instructions that came with your nook.

Does the service work with iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches?

To download ebooks or MP3 Audiobooks directly to your device (bypassing you computer) you must download the Overdrive Media Console App from the iTunes App Store (For additional instructions on using the App Store please see this support article from Apple). To use WMA audiobooks, you must use Overdrive Media Console for Windows and follow these additional instructions.

Does the service work with Kindles?

Kindles are now a supported device. However, after the item is checked out from Library2Go, Amazon handles fulfillment of the book in much the same way they would a Kindle purchase, through your account.

Availability FAQs

Why is the book I want not available?

Libraries purchase e-books using the same model we do for physical books, one book one user. We also do not “purchase” books in the traditional sense, but rather purchase a license to check-out the book. This allows publishers to put certain restrictions on the title – the number of times it checks out, for example – and also means that if we ever leave the platform, we lose access to those books.

Why don’t you have the book I want?

Of the six major publishers that publish most of the best-selling titles, only two sell e-books to libraries. Many bestselling authors’ books including Stephen King, David Baldacci, and Jennifer Weiner are not available for the library to purchase.

Why don’t you have more books?

In addition to not being able to purchase from most publishers, the publishers that do sell to libraries have certain policies that limit access for libraries and their users.

Random House charges much more for e-book licenses than they do for paper copies – generally around $50 for a single license. This does not allow us to purchase as many overall copies, and is especially difficult for high demand titles with long waiting lists.

Harper Collins charges closer to the cost of a trade paperback, but limits the number of times a book can check out (26) before we need to purchase another copy.

What is the library doing to get more books?

The Fargo Public Library is working with national organizations – including Overdrive and the American Library Association – to improve access to e-books. We encourage library users who feel strongly about having access to e-books through their library to sign the petition at