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Resources for Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers

Children's Room Collection

The Fargo Public Library Children's Room has a wide range of materials available. These include:

  • books and magazines for children, their caregivers and teachers. We have more than 40 magazine titles, including quality children's titles, as well as titles specifically purchased for parents and teachers: Arts & Activities,Home Education, TheMailbox: the Idea Magazine for Teachers (Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2-3, and Intermediate), and Library Sparks

  • audiovisual collections
  • , including audiobooks (CDs), book and CD sets, DVDs, music CDs, and computer software.

  • special collections, which include reference and foreign language materials.

  • Story On the Go kits , which include a variety of materials on a theme, such as books, puppets, audiovisual and curriculum resources.

  • Topic Totes for Tots , which include 10 titles on a specific theme and an activity page with related fingerplays, songs, and craft ideas.

  • public computers with Internet access and word processing capability.

Teacher Collections

The Fargo Public Library offers educators the service of preparing collections of materials on a specific subject.