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Children's Department - Recommended Reads

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (picture bookCrayons Quit)
Ages 3-7

Duncan’s crayons are staging a revolt. They’ve each written a letter to Duncan outlining their grievances. Some feel overused, some feel underused, and one protests his “nakedness” after having his paper peeled off! This delightful and very imaginative story gives each color a distinct personality and a legitimate complaint (why can’t beach balls be black?). The appealing, colorful illustrations imitate a child’s drawings, and provide additional whimsy to the story. After reading this fun book, see if you don’t find yourself questioning your color choices!

The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz (juvenile fiction)
Ages 9-12

  South Pole Pig
Flora was bored. She was tired of being just an ordinary pig, stuck on a farm in a pen with her mother and siblings. She wanted to experience new things. She wanted adventure! Never mind that her friend, Luna the farm cat, warned her that adventure usually leads to trouble. Flora was ready to see the world! So when the opportunity presented itself, she eagerly took it, leaving the farm and her family far behind. It wasn’t long before Flora did began experiencing adventure – and the trouble that Luna had warned her about. Follow Flora on her adventures as she travels to Antarctica aboard a doomed ship with menacing rats and hungry sailors. Find out if the brave pig is able to survive the harsh conditions of Antarctica and whether she’s able to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a sled pig in this exciting story of friendship and survival.

Grumbles From the Forest: Fairy Tale Voices with a Twist by Jane Yolen and
Rebecca Kai Dotlich (juvenile nonfiction)
Ages 7+ From the Forest

Have you ever wondered what it might be like behind the scenes of some of your favorite fairy tales? Did Goldilocks feel guilty about trespassing in the three bears' house? How did the Gingerbread Boy's parents feel when he ran away? What did that pea, stuck under all of the mattresses, think of the persnickety princess perched on top? Learn the answers to these burning questions and more in this unusual and fun book of poetry, co-written by award-winning author, Jane Yolen.

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