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Homework Help - Animals

Multnomah County Library- Animals
A comprehensive bibliography of animal-related links.

All About Nature: Animal Printouts
Basic information about a variety of animals. Pictures to print and color. Best for gradeschoolers.

Audubon Field Guides
Find detailed species descriptions and images of amphibians, birds, butterflies, mammals, and more.

National Geographic Animals
"Get to know some of the most interesting and unusual members of the wild world." including cheetahs, whales, and warthogs.

Animal Omnibus
Links to a wide variety of web sites containing animal information.

Cool Cold Creatures
Learn about the types of animals that live in cold climates, including polar bears, penguins and whales.

Desert Animals and Wildlife
What kind of animals live in the desert? Find out on this site.

North Dakota's Endangered and Threatened Species
Learn more about North Dakota's endangered species and how we can preserve them.