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If You Like Harry Potter, Try...

If You Liked Harry Potter Try....

Alexander, Lloyd. The Book of Three
Taran, an assistant pig-keeper, becomes a hero.

Bell, Hilari. Goblin Wood
Hedgewitch, an idealistic knight, and an army of clever goblins, fight the ruling hierarchy that is trying to rid the land of all magical creatures.

Cooper, SusanOver Sea, Under Stone (Dark is Rising series)
Three children on a Cornwall holiday find an ancient manuscript and set out on a dangerous quest that will reveal the true story of King Arthur.

Coville, Bruce. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Jeremy stumbles into a Magic Shop and is forced to choose between Chinese rings, the Skull of Truth and a Dragons egg.

Dahl, Roald. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Five contest winners and their parents are invited to visit Willy Wonkas magical chocolate factory.

Downer, Ann. Hatching Magic
A 13th century wizard confronts 21st century Boston while seeking his pet dragon, followed by an unhappy demon.

Duane, Diane. So You Want to Be a Wizard?
Nita, tormented by bullies, finds help in a book on wizardry.

Eager, Edward. Half Magic
A magic coin grants four children only half of what they wish for.

Ibbotson, Eva. The Secret of Platform 13
A secret doorway leads from an abandoned railway platform to a magical kingdom.

Jones, Diana Wyne. Howls Moving Castle
Sophie is resigned to her fate until a witch turns her into an old woman and she finds herself in the castle of the dreaded Wizard Howl.

Jones, Diana Wynne. The Lives of Christopher Chant
Training to become the next controller of magic, Christopher Chant and his nine lives become the focus of a battle between renegade wizards.

Jones, Diana Wynne. Witch Week
A teacher finds a note on his desk accusing a student of being a witch and magical things begin to happen.

Juster, Norton. The Phantom Tollbooth
Milo enters a strange land where he searches for Rhyme and Reason, visits the Island of Conclusions, and ventures into the forbidden Mountains of Ignorance.

Kilby, Janice. The Book of Wizard Craft
The aspiring wizard will find spells, fantastic tales, and enchanting things to make!

LeGuin, Ursula. A Wizard of Earthsea
A young man tries to subdue the evil he unleashed on the world as a wizards apprentice.

Levine, Gail Carlson. Ella Enchanted
Ella struggles to break a curse, a gift from a foolish fairy, which forces Ella to obey any order given to her.

McKillip, Patricia. Riddlemaster of Hed
Seeking an answer to the riddle of three stars on his forehead, the enchanted harp, and his sword, Prince Morgan goes to the High One, himself.

Molloy, Michael. The Witch Trade
A boy and girl join forces with powerful new friends on a quest for Ice Dust, the source of magical power for good witches.

Nesbit, E. Five Children and It
Anticipating a splendid summer in the country, five children accidentally uncover a Sand-fairy who has the power to make wishes come true.

Pierce, TamoraSandry's Book (Circle of Magic series)
Four misfits live in a strictly disciplined temple community where they become friends and learn to use their magical powers.

Selden, George Thompson. The Genie of Sutton Place
For one wondrous summer, Tim has the services of an authentic Arabian genie at his disposal.

Sherman, Josepha. Child of Faerie, Child of Earth
Percinet, the son of a Faerie queen, falls in love with a mortal and leaves his magical realm to defend her against her cruel sorceress stepmother.

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley. Black and Blue Magic
Clumsy Harry Houdini Marco receives a magic gift from his boarder, Mr. Mazzeeck, whom is more than he first appeared.

Vande Velde, Vivian. Wizard at Work: A Novel in Stories
A young wizard, who runs a wizard school, looks forward to a quiet summer off but instead is drawn into adventures with princesses, unicorns, and ghosts.

Winthrop, Elizabeth. The Castle in the Attic
A wooden model of a medieval castle turns out to be the key to a magical adventure.

Wrede, Patricia. Dealing with Dragons
Bored with the life of a princess, Cimorene runs off to live with a group of dragons.

Yolen, Jane. Wizards Hall
After just one day at wizard school, Henry is sure that his only talent is making disasters out of the simplest spells.