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Fizz, Boom, Read!

Scientist and Robot
Join us for some spectacular science this summer at the Fargo Public Library! Earn a free book and take part in some of the many fun events and activities we have planned during the 2014 Summer Reading Program, running from June 2 through August 9. 

Pre-readers complete bubbles of activities while readers keep track of the time spent reading to earn some cool prizes and a book. And be sure to check out some of our awesome events. Each week we'll find new ways to bubble, plop, fizz, boom and read our way through the summer!

How to Earn a Prize or Free Book


•      The Pre-Reader program is designed for children ages 0-3, and/or those not yet reading on their own.
•      Complete activities listed in the Activity Log to earn a prize. Prizes are given after sets of 10, 20, and 30 activities are completed. After accomplishing 40 activities, children earn a book.
•      Any children in the Pre-Reader program who complete all 40 activities and collect 5 stickers for attending
library programs, or completing activity sheets, will get their names published in The Forum on Saturday,
August 30, 2014 (as space allows).
•      Turn in completed Activity Log to library staff with name legibly written on the front, no later than August 9, 2014.


•      Follow the colored bubbles inside the Reading Log to help you keep track of your time spent reading.
•      Color in a bubble when you read the number of minutes shown in each bubble. In addition to silent or individual reading, listening to audiobooks, reading out loud to others, and attending storytimes also count towards your total time. Both print books and ebooks (read on a device like a Nook or Kindle) qualify.
•      Read for 30 hours to earn a free book. To earn prizes, you must read (or be read to) for 5 hours. You will receive a prize for every 5 hours you read up to 30 hours. 
•      Readers may also complete the Reader's Challenge by reading for the total 30 hours, answering the questions listed on the book log, and collecting five stickers from attending library programs or completing activity sheets. Those who successfully finish the Reader's Challenge will have their picture and/or name published in The Forum on Saturday, August 20, 2014 (as space allows).

How to Enter the End-of-Summer Grand Prize Drawing

When you are eligible to receive a prize, you will also receive a coupon entry into the grand prize drawing. Every five hours of reading earns another coupon. Once you have received the 30 hour prize, continue reading to earn more coupons/entries at five hour intervals.