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Tourist Internet Access Procedure

Procedure: Tourist Internet Access

In accordance with the registration and computer use policies, Internet computer access is limited to citizens of Fargo, the state of North Dakota, or customers of libraries with which we have a reciprocal agreement.

In order to serve customers that are from outside of these groups, we provide tourist cards that are limited to one use per person for 30 minutes per day. If the customer needs more than this, he/she can purchase an Internet-only card as per the registration policy.

Customers who qualify for a library card must get one in order to use the Internet computers. If they are unable to get a library card (no ID would be the best example), they are allowed to use the tourist card once, and they are asked to bring in the appropriate material to register for a library card next time. Customers who require a card from their home library and do not have one will be allowed to use the tourist card once with the knowledge that they are required to bring their home library card and other appropriate material next time in order to register for a library card.

Tourists will register on a signup sheet which will allow the library to track the use of the tourist card and where tourists using the library are from. This is designed both for statistics and to curb abuse of the tourist card privilege.