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Collection Development - Teen Fiction

7. Teen Fiction

The Teen Fiction collection is comprised of fiction titles and graphic novels selected specifically to meet the recreational needs of teens. The collection consists primarily of young adult novels and genre literature covering mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Since circulation tends to be greater among paperback titles for this age group, the library emphasizes the paperback format over hardcover editions. Occasionally, titles by outstanding teen fiction authors, major book award winners, or other titles deemed by the selectors to have lasting interest for teens will be purchased in hardcover editions.

Graphic novels are selected from the same fiction genres listed above, as well as from nonfiction works of interest to teens.

The problems, adventures and topics of interest confronting teens on a daily basis are the factors to consider when selecting titles for this collection.

Paperback and graphic novel displays and the further development of the Graphic Novel collection should continue to be an integral part of this collection with new paperback titles replacing older and less-read hardcover titles. Popular series titles will continue to be included in the Teen Fiction collection. The value of the Teen Fiction collection as a separate entity should be periodically reevaluated and a plan developed to optimize space and materials reserved for this collection.

Nonfiction materials appropriate for teens are interfiled within the Adult Nonfiction collection.