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March 16, 2010 Minutes

Board of Trustees
Fargo Public Library
Minutes of March 16, 2010

Present: Herb Snyder, John Dietz, James Council, Helen Levitt     
Others:  Kathy Boucher, Representative of Friends of the Fargo Public Library
Staff: Tim Dirks, Greg Gilstrap, Ginny Mueller     

The meeting was called to order by President, Herb Snyder.

Because of the lack of a quorum at the beginning of the meeting, it was decided to proceed with non-action items, such as reports.

Staff Report
Greg Gilstrap presented the Staff Report, including information from a number of library departments. 
•      The Teen Hardware Jewelry Program held in February was very successful at both Main and the Carlson Branch.
•      Several teens are registered for the eraser program to be held in March
•      Slowly building a following at Main.
•      Deliveries are being suspended due to the flood.  Some sites were suspended as of March 15 and the rest will be suspended as of March 22.  All sites were given at least a 2-week notice before suspensions of service and were encouraged to check out extra items.  Delivery will resume after the flood fight. 
•      The Reference and Outreach workstations on second floor have become home to the City of Fargo Flood Information Hotline. 
•      Pam Strait will be manning the volunteer hotline office at the EOC until further notice.
Children’s Services
•      We have wrapped up the Fargo Force Storytime for the season.  35 people attended the last event.
•      We received a grant from the Jack Ezra Keats Foundation and used it to do an African Inspired Art/Sharpie Tie Dye program.  24 children attended and learned about African culture, along with tie dying a short or hat. 
•      We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday at all three locations.
•      24 children attended the Bubble, Plop, Fizz science activity program.
•      Therapy Pets program was successful this month
•      Family storytime seems to be catching on – this month there were 18 people in attendance.
•      Tours included Charism, an after school program, and two preschool classrooms. 
Public Relations
•      Author Debra Marquart presented a workshop which covered researching and preserving family history on March 5th. 45 people attended the session, which was offered though a grant from the ND Humanities Council.
•      Dakota Discussion is also a ND Humanities Council program, which started last week.  This is a 3-part discussion which compares and contrasts Shakespeare’s Hamlet  with the contemporary novel Undiscovered Country by author Lin Enger.  Mr. Enger is also facilitating/leading the sessions.
•      ND State Library will hold 2 informational sessions on How to Use Ancestry Library Edition on March 18th.  One session will be at Main at 2:00 PM and the other at the Dr. James Carlson Library at 6:30 PM.  The sessions are already full, with a waiting list.
Order of Agenda

Having obtained a quorum, Helen Levitt moved to accept the Order of the Agenda, with the exception of the Staff Report moved to the beginning.  John Dietz seconded the motion; motion carried.

Jim Council moved to approve the minutes of the February 16, 2010 meeting.  Helen Levitt seconded the motion; motion carried.

Director’s Report
Tim Dirks referred the Board to his written report, which shows a significant amount of time in preparing for the flood.  As stated, a candidate has been offered the Library I position, contingent on the background check.  Everything has checked out and Lacey Forst will be starting work at the Fargo Public Library on March 29, 2010.

Statistical Reports
February Usage

As you will remember, we were starting to wind down the operation at Mini-Main at this time last year, so the numbers will reflect that.  We are up in attendance, programs, volunteers and internet signup.  For both print and nonprint circulation, we are up over 26%, representing 34,174 items.

February Financials
We have received $5850 from the Friends as a matching payment for the Gates Grant.  We will be purchasing laptop computers to be used for computer classes with those funds.  We certainly appreciate the Friends’ generosity.  Because of 2009 encumbrances carrying over to 2010, there will be a final adjustment in March, increasing the 2010 budget by the amount of the encumbrances.  With 17% of the year lapsed, we have expended 15.99% of our 2010 budget.  Some of the totals reflect subscriptions or maintenance agreements that were paid in 2009 but part of the expense covers 2010, and therefore adjustments were made on January 1st.  Also, we’ve had some one-time invoices in January and February. Revenue for the library was $8,004.43 in March, with year-to-date totaling $18,336.85.

Friends of the Library Report
Kathy Boucher reported that the Friends are planning a huge book sale for May 1st and 2nd.  The store is doing very well.  We have two Job Service employees manning it and more volunteers have signed up, so we are open more hours.  Jan Murphy is serving as manager.  We are averaging about $1000 per month in revenue.  The Friends are involved in bringing Paula Poundstone, comedian, to the Fargo Theater on May 8th.  We believe it will be good publicity for the Friends and hopefully will result in more members.

Old Business
Library Flood Fight Activities Update
Tim stated that Library personnel are manning the Flood Info Phone Bank, which is being staffed 24 hours per day.  Lori West and Pam Strait are managing the 1st Link Volunteer Line at EOC.  Melisa Duncan is part of the PIO pool, and will be working at the EOC beginning Friday.  Ginny and I are attending flood meetings in the morning and evening and preparing minutes and the Incident Action Report.

New Business
Revision to Computer Use Policy

Tim presented a draft of the proposed Computer Use Policy.  The paragraph that appears in bold on page 1 is added.  It reads:

Any behavior which is disruptive or which hinders use of public Internet stations by others is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, loud or boisterous behavior, verbal or physical harassment, drunkenness, and congregating in large groups.

This is the same language as appears in our Standards of Conduct.  In addition, a sentence on page 2, printed in red and reading, "Staff will not set up e-mail or chatroom accounts and may not be able to assist with e-mail and chatroom applications" would be stricken from the policy.  Helen Levitt made a motion to accept the revisions to the Computer Use Policy.  Seconded by Jim Council; motion carried.

Revision to ILL Policy
Tim presented a draft of the proposed Interlibrary Loan Policy.  The sentence in the first paragraph of limitations, appearing in red and reading, "If a patron wishes to order more, there will be a charge of $1.00 for each additional request" would be stricken from the policy.  After discussion, Helen Levitt moved to approve the revision made to the ILL Policy as shown in the draft.  John Dietz seconded the motion; motion carried.

Revision to Collection Development Policy
Board members reviewed the proposed draft of Paragraph 25. Gifts and Donations of the Collection Development Policy.  Tim explained that this updated policy covers how we are presently handling gifts and donations.  It was the consensus of the Board that portions of the statement do not read like a policy.  They recommended deleting the first and last sentences of the first paragraph and replace the information/contact information at the end with a link that would provide information about the process of donating items.  Helen Levitt made a motion to approve the draft of Paragraph 25 of the Collection Development Policy, with the changes noted above.  Jim Council seconded the motion; motion carried.

NDSU Student Library Card Registration
Tim Dirks explained the process by which NDSU students obtain a library card.  When requesting a card, they must provide a photo ID and something that shows a Fargo address.  If they are living in an apartment, a utility bill or other correspondence showing the name and current address would be acceptable.  If living in a dorm, the student is given a temporary card, by which they can check out 2 items.  The official library card will be mailed to them, using the address given.  If the library card comes back, the temporary card is blocked. 

Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Next Board Meeting
The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. in the City Commission room. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ginny Mueller