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2015 Code Change Hearing Rules

  1. Hearings will follow, as closely as possible, to the current schedule published prior to the start of the meetings.  The currently published schedule is tentative and subject to change.  If you have an interest in a specific topic or area of the code and would like to make certain that you do not miss the relevant hearing, you should verify the date of that hearing with the Inspections Office. 
  2. Those wishing to speak must wait until they are recognized by the chairperson.
  3. Staff will present all changes from the currently-adopted edition of the code being discussed at that hearing.  Staff will also present comments on the existing amendments to the code in the order in which they would appear in that code.
  4. Staff will continue their presentation unless they are interrupted by the chairperson or another member of the Board of Appeals.
  5. Votes will not be taken on individual code provisions unless it is determined to be necessary by the chairperson or a vote of a majority of the board members.
  6. All hearings are open to the public and are held specifically for the purpose of receiving public comment.