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Tips for Warm-Up and Stretching

It is important to start every workout with a proper warm-up and end with a proper cool-down. Make every walk a complete workout by incorporating these key elements into your workout routine. Doing so will make walking easier and decrease the risk of injury.
1.      Warm-Up
2.      Flexibility Exercises
3.      Walk
4.      Cool-Down
5.      Stretch

1. Warm-Up:
Warming up allows your body to get blood circulating in preparation for exercise. For walking, it is normal to take about 5 minutes to warm-up.

2. Flexibility Exercises:
Flexibility exercises work best when they are performed after a 5 to 10 minute warm-up of easyStretching 2 walking. Several exercises can include toe points, ankle circles, overhead reach, twist, and arm circles.

3. Walk:
You can now complete you walk at a normal pace. A good rule of thumb for most people while walking is, “If you cannot talk you are walking too fast, if you can carry a tune you are walking too slowly.”

4. Cool-Down:
At the end of your walk, you will need to walk at a slower pace to begin your cool-down. The duration of your cool-down will depend on the intensity and duration of your walk. It is best to cool-down until your heart rate is back to a pre-workout rate.

Stretching5. Stretch:
Don’t forget to stretch post-workout. In the beginning, this should only take about 5 minutes to complete. However, the longer your workout the longer you should stretch. Make sure to stretch all the major muscle groups, especially areas that tend to bother you.